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Nospace First Exhibition!

July – August 2007

Rabbit Garden by June Bear-Garden

June Bear-Garden FIRST-TIME exhibition in Bangkok!

June Somsiri Sangkaew (well known as Bear-Garden) is an artist, songwriter, designer, filmmaker and founder of Panda Records. June and friends started an independent label 'Panda Records' in 1999 together with Panda Graphic House, a graphic design company at the same time. June formed the band 'Bear-Garden' and released first album in 2001. She also created her own clothing and accessories brand 'Slow-Step-Basset-Hound' and exhibited her projects in both Thailand and Japan. June's previous project 'Give me a name' was exhibited in Tokyo 2006.

Rabbit Garden by June Bear-Garden Artwork 2007

Bear-Garden (Panda Records Official Site)


Punk in a coma by Momoko Motion

Momoko Motion FIRST-TIME exhibition in Bangkok!

Momoko Ueda (well known as an original member of Futon) is an artist and songwriter. Momoko graduated Print Making at Osaka College of Art, and Performance Art and Video Art at San Francisco Art Institute. She lived and worked in both Japan and America before moved to Bangkok in 2000. Momoko joined the band 'Futon' as a singer and songwriter in 2003 and left the band in 2006. Currently, Momoko is making her first solo album.

Punk in a coma by Momoko Motion Artwork 2007


Nowhere Kallery by Nowhere Kallery

Nowhere Kallery FIRST-TIME exhibition!

Nowhere Kallery is a group of street artist in Bangkok. Gio Panaisit Upathumbhananda (well known as a front man of Adulterer) is a character designer and underground cartoon writer. Gio formed 'Adulterer', an indies punk band and joined Bangkok Alien Music Alliance, an independent artist group in 2002. During the period, Gio lived and worked as a character designer for a comic magazine till he decided to quit job and started to publish his original cartoon book in 2004. King Ekkalak Satidtawat is an editor of Harmagazine. King exhibited several projects in Bangkok since 2001 and published Harmagazine with his friends in 2005.

Nowhere Kallery Artworks

Nowhere Kallery by Gio Nowhere Kallery Artwork 2007

Nowhere Kallery by King Nowhere Kallery Artwork 2007


Nospace First Exhibition Flyer 1

Nospace First Exhibition Flyer 2

Opening night:
Saturday 30 June 2007



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