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2-80222 abstract paintings ?! by Christian Phongphit

April 17 - 27, 2008

Opening Night: Thursday 17 April 2008, 7-10pm

Christian Phongphit FIRST-TIME exhibition in Bangkok!

Born in the German Alps in 1976, Chris is an artist, landscape-architect and conceptual photographer. He has moved 35 times already and for the past six years he has taught topics including critical & creative thinking, architectural presentation, introduction to design and creative problem solving. After his studies he set up a landscape architecture office in Berlin. In 2006 Chris left for Thailand, where he create a photography book about the urban space of Bangkok. In 2008 Chris runs his own Design Thinking Workshops in cooperation with Nospace & Tadu Art gallery.
Chris created, organized and produced things in many fields: art projects, events & exhibitions concepts, interior & furniture design, photography, graphic design, award winning landscape architecture design projects & competitions, university critic & guest lectures, publications in professional journals, university teaching positions, degree dissertation "THINK" - motivation & passion for students.

Christian Phongphit Portfolio/CV 2010


'Curious, seemingly insignificant detailing of the metropolitan sprawl is typically ignored by the average urban dweller. But for Bangkok-based Germans landscape architect, artist and conceptual photographer Christian Phongphit, it is the random textures and patterns peppering vernacular objects and structures that turn the city into a living gallery.
Inspired by the weathered roofs of Bangkok buses, Phongphit photographs the paint cracked surfaces by standing atop pedestrian bridges. Mundane and unseen, the bus detailing is blown up and printed across canvases manifesting as an abstract painting.'
- Steven Pettifor, BAM - Bangkok Art Map, April 2008


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2-80222 abstract paintings ?!, interview by Bangkok Post

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2-80222 Abstract Paintings ?! by Christian Phongphit

Opening Night: Thursday 17 April 2008, 7-10pm

- Photography

- VDO Installation (opening night)

- BUS Installation (opening night)

- Feat. Artist Performance (opening night)


2-80222 abstract paintings ?! by Christian Phongphit

These artworks are part of '2-80222 abstract paintings ?!' by Christian Phongphit, FIRST-TIME exhibition in Bangkok. Nospace gallery, April 17 - 27, 2008.








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