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::Live electronic music and more::

"Jon Shina" (Booklyn,NY)
- Impulse Control Disaster (Luxembourg)
- Kraffa (panda record)
- Neuter Lover
- Nannue Tipitier
- Space360
- Lemer Onkyokai

Live Visuals : RESET
Live Painting : THUN PUCHPEN

Place : nospace (RCA,Block D)
Date : 29.05.10
Time : 17.00 - 23.00
Fee : 100 THB

info ::
Tel :: 08 0207 7681

Jon Shina Runs the Gambit. With his heart and mind in Electronics and Breaks, a body and soul in 77 Punk and Lo Fi recordings, and with blood flowing with Folk and Psych, Jon Shina embodies it all! His debut album “Finally, Hello” showcases many genres with originality and earnest, where each song on the album sounds different from the next. The multi instrumentalist plays many different live instruments, beat machines, samplers, computer programming, and even turntables to produce the sounds and melodies that make up his album and live shows.
An Iraqi American originally hailing From Boston, Jon Shina now resides in Brooklyn, where he kicked off his solo career with a live show at "Death By Audio" in December 2007. Since then, He has released a full length album, has toured both coasts (in US), and is touring China in Spring of 2010. His Music has been featured on episodes of, Media Minutes, and various other DIY shows and videos. He is currently working on another full length album and 7", both to be released in late 2010.//

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Jon Shina :
Kraffa :
Neuter Lover :
Nannue Tipitier :
Space360 :
Impulse Control Disaster :
Lemer Onkyokai :

Nospace Gallery
21/108 Block D, Royal City Avenue (RCA)
Bangkok Thailand 10320
084-1341184, 02-6414040


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