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Before Dawn by Espen Krukhaug

September 11 - 28, 2008

Opening Night: Thursday 11 September 2008, 7-10pm


Espen Krukhaug is a Norwegian artist based in London UK. Espen Krukhaug with his new photography project ‘Before Dawn’ was started the exhibition tour at Wuhan, China in March 2008, then to Norway, UK, USA and officially arrives Bangkok, Thailand in September 2008 by the Norwegian Council and Embassy.
The exhibition included Espen Krukhaug’s new set of photography and photo book with music, which inspired from his photo. The photo book forward has been written by Philip Chevron, a lead member of an Irish/British band ‘The Pogues’, and the music track from an underground Norwegian experiment band called, ‘Orange Dark’.

“The project ”Before Dawn” was started up in the end of 2004, and  in it I have explored the night time. Then more specific insomnia and solitariness. And I have tried to find the total silentness you can find under  the night time in a town. I have always liked the quit times of the night. A time when most people are sleeping and their for missing a lot of beautiful things. The streets that in the daytime is full of people stressing from a to b, but in the night time are all quiet and empty. A time you can feel like the only person in an abandoned world. Also what is important is the light. With so much light pollution in the cities, it will never be dark. But again are the sources to the incredible colors in my work.”
“The photography’s have been taken in China, England, Norway, Russia, Scotland and USA.”


Espen Krukhaug: Interview by BK Magazine

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