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gVgAs by Genki Osada

4-6 February 2011

@ Nospace Gallery

Opening Hours: 7PM-11PM

Opening Night Party: Friday 4 February 2011, 7PM


Artist Profile

Genki Osada is audio visual artist who lives in Tokyo, Japan.
His works are focusing on a glitch noise of software or hardware.

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Exhibition Profile

glitch’ vs ‘glitch as software(or effector)’:
If I succeed in generating never-before-seen gltich phenomenon by chance, I am shocked, in owe and celebrating the discovery. For glitch maniacs like me, the new gltich must be sublime. But at the same time, it means that the phenomenon become reproducible. By doing the same approach, I will be able to get the same effect at any time.
In terms of freshness, there is a difference between a first-time glitch and a second or later one.
On a second experience of the phenomenon, the glitching process will function validly as a software plug-in or an effector which simulates ‘glitch’ as intended, instead of invoking original shocking as first-time gltich. Because, the glitching result has already been expected.
So I call the first original one ‘glitch’, and the second(or later) reproduced one ‘glitch as software’.

Absurdity of glitch:
As mentioned above, once a glitch is named or realized, the momentum -the glitch- is no more. I agree to the view of Rosa Menkman. Such a glitch-like phenomenon which is obtained from ‘glitch as software’ has lost original ‘glitch’ enchantment. The original ‘glitch’ directly vanished into a known realm, and usable glitch is only. It’s like an absurdity of Camus’s ‘Le Mythe de Sisyphe’ and a matter of deep interest. So the aim of this project is to pursue this absurdity of ‘glitch’.

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Nospace Gallery
21/108 Block D, Royal City Avenue (RCA)
Bangkok Thailand 10320


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