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Nerds Against Girls by Daniel Sewell

Exhibition Date: 2 - 4 September 2011, 7PM - 11PM

Opening Night: Friday 2 September 2011, 7PM

Artist Profile:

Artist Daniel Sewell was born in New York in 1978 to a genetic engineer father and piano teacher mother. What followed seemed natural in that Sewell’s artistic interests involve theme and variation/mutation, a laboratory of instruments to make images, and finally the combination of Serialism with a discipline of practice. Sewell lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand.

Exhibition Profile:

‘Nerds against girls’ brings together various styles from artist Daniel Sewell to narrate a story of Science’s stranglehold on Mother Nature. This story is told through pictorially representing a range of activities, from playing hero-obsessed video games and role-play, to mining and agriculture and the power struggle of those resources.

Sample Pics of Artwork:

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Nospace Gallery
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